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Bang Studio
Meet Our Team.
Bang Studio is a Team of extremely talented individuals that specializes in different areas of graphics designs, creating state of an art product branding on the first stages of product makeover.
The group of disciplined young men with fresh insight into Marketing World and professional and positive attitude to all given projects. Their work is driven by a modern vision, it is interesting, deeply thought out and unique!
Our mission is
to make Branding
What is a Brand?
Brand it’s a marketing of a product – its name, logo, design, graphic, symbol, music and even video that gives that product a special power to be identified as unique on the market.
Bang Studio can make Your startup business stand out on the global markets. Feel free to contact us, we will do the rest.


We are starting a process of developing product strategy, creating consistent themes, subjects and critical thinking that makes our product one of a kind. We will help to design: office supplies, advertising materials (leaflets, brochures, displays), product packaging, catalogs, presentation in social media, website layout, and many others.

Packaging design

For us it’s creation of an art – the birth of a new products’ visual and physical appearance, but also science and technology that protects this product on its way from distribution to targeted customer for products’ use.


We use all kind of technics, such as: calligraphy, photography, painting, typography and computer graphics. Here everything is possible.


We have been creating short advertising films for many years and we feel strong in them. Videos are a perfect complement to the visual identification of our clients.


When a brand needs refreshing its image, we evaluate the current situation, define the scope of activities, and build a strategy of necessary changes.

Corporate identity

It includes a logotype, a visual identification system and adaptation of materials to various carriers.


We are inspired by many areas in the search for a suitable brand name. We want the name to evoke emotions and positive associations.


The drawings we create are consistent with the brand's style.

Motion graphics

We create animations that can revive and diversify the company's brand. Moving images are more eye-catching.

Design logos

We love to design logos. They are a challenge for every creative office to present the client's brand in an appropriate manner and at the same time to make the brand stand out in the existing thousands of brands.

Brand book

Brand Book helps our clients maintain a high level of presenting their own brand. The purpose of the brand book, the customer has guidelines on how to use their own brand to build a strong and expressive brand.

3D visualizations

When the situation requires it, we also reach for 3D graphics. We have qualified people who have worked in the 3D graphics industry for years.


We also like to make photo sessions to complete the whole at Brand. Image, animation, 3D graphics, photography are the necessary elements to distinguish your brand from the competition.

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We are super friendly.


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